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The Psalms Project

Would you like to read the Book of Psalms, really read it? And not just read all 150 poems/songs/hymns that have been the backbone of Jewish and Christian worship for as long as both religions have had worshippers, but take them on and make them your own? That's the goal of the Psalms Project, an adult education opportunity at St. Ann's for the coming academic year. 

Beginning in October 2020 and ending in May 2021, anyone interested is invited to meet on the first Wednesday of each month, 7:00-8:00pm, for conversation about and exploration of these remarkable works with me, the Rev. Dr. Craig D. Townsend, Associate for Faith Formation. We will meet virtually on Zoom to start the year, and gather for in-person meetings as soon as that is a safe practice. For access to the Zoom gathering, you will need to contact me at 

We will read the psalms in order, a few each week, according to the schedule that can be found by clicking the tab above. And we won't just study them, we'll pray them and sing them to find their depths as poems and as spiritual expressions. 

Wondering which version of the Psalms we'll use? We'll focus on the translation found in the Book of Common Prayer. Click on Translations above for more information about that and other versions. Want easy access to the BCP version? Click on The Psalms above. 

I hope you'll join us!