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The Book of Books Book Club weekly blog

1 & 2 Chronicles

This is a week to skim - and I mean really skim! The two Books of the Chronicles are filled with either genealogies and lists of people, or narratives that largely repeat what we've already read in the Books of Samuel and Kings with many minor variations. It's worth noting the much more positive narrative tone - especially the constant emphasis on "rest" and "peace." Note too how the Chronicler passes over the foibles of David and his family, in keeping with that positive tone - there's no hint here of David possibly being a usurper. But as I say, most of this we've seen before and it doesn't bear close reading. The story of Asa (2 Chr 14-16) provides a paradigm of the Chronicler's perspective of both good and evil in the kings of Israel and Judah; take a look at that and wave hello to the rest.