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The Book of Books Book Club, at St. Ann & the Holy Trinity Episcopal Church
 (The Pro-Cathedral of the Diocese of Long Island)

Our last meeting is on Wednesday, May 6, at 7:00pm - and due to the coronavirus pandemic, it will again be held online. If you wish to attend, please go to the blog tab above.


Last year a group of us, parishioners at St. Ann and the Holy Trinity and neighbors and friends, launched the Book of Books Book Club (BoBBC) by reading the entire Hebrew Bible (Old Testament of the Christian Bible) together - or at least a lot of it. We enjoyed ourselves thoroughly, and we took a summer break - but it's time to get back at it! Starting on October 3rd, we'll continue by spending this academic year reading the Christian additions to the Bible, known as the New Testament. As before, the Rev. Craig D. Townsend, Associate for Faith Formation, will lead the group. 


Everyone is welcome, whether you read the Old Testament with us or not.


Since the New Testament is much shorter than the Old Testament, the amount of reading assigned each week is much less than it was last year. This will allow us to take our time and probe deeply into these writings that are so essential to our faith. A weekly reading schedule is attached here in the column to the right; a blog tab above will lead you to an introduction to each week's reading; a list of suggested Bibles for use is also attached to the right; other information and useful links will be provided here as needed. 


Please note that having multiple translations of, and perspectives on, the text under discussion is always a help - so feel free to use and bring other translations that you enjoy.