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Book of Books Book Club, at St. Ann & the Holy Trinity Episcopal Church
 (The Pro-Cathedral of the Diocese of Long Island)

Have you always wanted to read the Bible but you get bogged down whenever you try? Then join the Book of Books Book Club! Reading together, a bit at a time, is a great way to take on this project. Beginning on October 4, 2018, and running through May 2, 2019, a group at St. Ann & the Holy Trinity will read the entire Old Testament/Hebrew Bible - or at least major portions thereof. The Rev. Craig D. Townsend, Associate for Faith Formation, will lead the group. We will meet on the first Thursday of each month, 7:00-8:30pm, in one space or another at 157 Montague Street, the parish hall and offices of the church. 


A weekly reading schedule is attached here in the column to the right; a blog tab above will lead you to an introduction to the week's reading; a list of suggested Bibles for use is also attached to the right; other information and useful links will be provided here as needed. 


Please note that we will primarily be using a Christian Bible and reading the Old Testament in the order found there. We welcome, however, those who would prefer to use a Hebrew Bible, or a translation of that version - the books are the same, just found in a different order. Having multiple translations of, and perspectives on, the text under discussion is always a help.